Saturday, December 17, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE PLAY 101 Stick Colour Contour Duo

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How are you ladies? 

Christmas is coming to town and i am totally excited for christmas. Last night i had a potluck with friends to early celebrate christmas (= potluck means hang out and meet up in a place, in which every person bring random food to eat together with others. So yeah, FOOD PARTY!)

This is my make up last night ♡

I am using my favourite lipstick for the red christmas spirit. ETUDE Play 101 Pencil in shade #22
Read my review here

Okay back to the topic. This christmas 2016 ETUDE HOUSE launch a very special countouring stick which is the Play 101 Stick Colour Contour Duo. The idea is correcting the skin tone and blemish, using the opposite colour to neutralize skin tone

Check it out
PONN Eonni is introducing this product. SUPER LOVE IT!

There are 3 sticks, each with 2 different colours to serve different purpose


2. MINT and BLUE


How we should use them by PONY MUA

I once read article about correction makeup using opposite colour like this. It is the secret of the professional MUA to create the flawless makeup. Because lets admit it, there is no one 100% flawless. Some people get reddish cheek, some dealing with panda eyes, etc. For me i need the peach orange and mint 

A little bit pre caution is if you were not similar with contouring and blending, i suggest to train about it first. Because ordinary contouring can become weird if go wrong, this kind of colour correction will need us to train more. If you excel in it, the flawless bling bling face will be yours <3

I hope this ETUDE HOUSE product will make me satisfied as usual. If i see the video which PONY made, the product glides easily when applied and the blending also smooth (WHICH IS IMPORTANT PART for countouring. You dont want a cakey, but instead a smooth and like-your-own-skin finish)

Okay last but not least, check this PONY guide video. See you on next post

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket

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