Wednesday, December 7, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Pencil shade #22 (My version of Snow White Kissable Lips)

Annyeonghaseyo besties ♡

It is getting cold nowadays isn't it?
Please wear warm clothes, and eat properly. These kind of days, many people get sick easily. I hope everyone stay healthy :)
I personally also bring vitamins with me too. Vitamin C to prevent flu, and other vitamins for energy booster. 

Today i am going to review my favourite ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Pencil. Play 101 Pencil concept is a pencil which you can use in any part of your face. As lipstick, eyeshadow, blush on, highlighter, eyeliner etc so 1 product for many purposes. Awesome right?

(Note: any photo i upload is in high quality. if you see this post using phone and see the photo looks like not focus, click on the photo to see the real detail ;) )

YESSS the model for this campaign is my favourite MUA Pony. She is super pretty and talented. All those looks is created using this Play 101 pencil only 😍😍😍

There are many shades available for this product. Special for this shade #22 which is deep red colour, i believe we can use it as lipstick, blush on, and eyeshadow.  As lipstick, this baby perfectly showing off what i call "Snow White Kissable Lips" 😍😍

The popular Disney princess has her signature and iconic red lips, which remind me of a red apple.  Had been looking for that perfect deep red shade, until i finally getting my hand on this ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Pencil shade #22

I bought this cutie pie when i went to Korea last Spring. Never miss a chance to visit ETUDE HOUSE in any country i visit since the promotion is always different ♡ ETUDE HOUSE store was my neighbour since i stayed in Hongdae. 2 minutes walk from my apartment, so the temptation to drop by is so high. I went to EH store almost everyday (since the store has different promo items everyday, i wont miss it of course) haha. And eventually made friend with the store assistant. The assistant is super friendly, she explain to me and my friends all the details about any product we curious ♡♡

OK back to the Play 101. So after confusing over so many shades available, tried to swatch some red colours, i choose this lovely princess. My friend and me both got this, as we agree this is the perfect "Snow White Kissable Lips" kind of shade

*As its name is Play 101 Pencil, the packaging shape is totally like a pencil. It is sleek gray, light weight, and we can carry i around even when using small clutch (convenience point is 10/10)

*To use it, simply turn the bottom part to the right side (part which written 22 number). And if we were done, put it back to the packaging by turning it left side. 

*There is actually a pencil sharpener too attached on the bottom but i loose it T_T. The sharpener is the colourfull bottom (different pencil has different colour) To use it, simply pull it off, use it to sharpen the pencil, then put it back.

* Loveee it so muchhh. Like what i said, this is what i call the perfect "Snow White Kissable Lips". This lipstick is glossy finish, not feel dry at all. Check my photo below 😍

A. Foundation: ETUDE Precious Mineral BB Cream shade W13 Natural Beige, 
B. Eyebrow: ETUDE Drawing Eyebrow shade Dark Brown
C. Lipstick: ETUDE Play 101 Pencil shade 22, D. Eyeliner: ETUDE Oh My Eye Line in black)

Another photo using this play 101
(This photo is taken in Korean Folk Village. Do visit there if you go to Seoul. This folk village is used in many korean dramas and movie. You will love it ;) )

Om my God the colour is so pretty right? ♡♡

* This is a very pigmented and long lasting lipstick. After i eat or drink, there is some lipstick get stick in the spoon or bottle, but  the colour is still bold and daring

*At the end of the day, after 8 hours outside working etc, if no retouch, usually i was left with a pinkish red lips. Which still need to remove using makeup/lip remover.

*Be careful if you are not into bold makeup, you may want to apply it carefully. This baby is really pigmented. I mean it and thats why i love it ♡

*Affordable (as always from ETUDE HOUSE)
*I bought it in Korea about 80.000 - 90.000 (usd 5.8 - 6.4)
*Little goes long way, i dont know when i will finish this baby. So this is definitely worthed product to add to your collection

OVERALL RATING: 10/10 (Perfect! ☆☆☆)
REPURCHASING: Yes (i wanna try other colour too. I believe other will work as awesome as this)

Till the next post #xoxo

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket

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