Monday, December 19, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Christmas 2016 Event on Facebook

Annyeonghaseyo lovelies <3

I am joining ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird selection/recruitment. Wish me get trusted by ETUDE. God, really want to be a Pink Bird, it will be like dream come true ☆☆ Btw i have this idea, let me know what you think about it : 

If i were selected as Pink Bird 2017, i will review all items first on blog. Then after review, one item from each month will be send to one lucky girl. This item need to be tested out and give review by this lovelies too (can be on blog or sns). I just want to share the happiness with you gais. Because sharing is caring, i hope this will let you experience the Pink Bird excitement :D <3 

Last night i had a very wonderful early Christmas Dinner with my bestfriend from high school. We have been friends for 9 years and counting ;)

Love all the santa and angel hats . Have i ever told you, my name Meryl is taken from Merry Christmas, because i was born on December. So parents hope for the christmas happiness always live everyday in my life. Thats why i love christmas just a little too much ♡

Back to the topic, in today post i wanna share about the current 7 DAYS CHRISTMAS EVENT held by ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL facebook: 

Basically they held a quiz everyday till christmas, then if we answer right and get lucky, we will receive special christmas gift from Etude House. How cool is that? Lets all join and celebrate christmas with happiness. Finger cross, so ETUDE be our secret santa! #xoxo

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket

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