Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Testing the Water & Expectation

Testing the water. We often do that for many occasions. In work, friendship, or even in love. 
To test the condition, check whether it is right and OK, give us safety feeling, before  "swimming" inside.
But dear, like how you test the water temperature at the sea,
you just test the surface. Not the real one inside.

Like the sea who hide mystery inside, it is the same with life.
We feel like we know what will face us in front,
but the truth is we only know the "opening" of a path or thing that we choose. The rest? we shall play the game and experience it by our self.
There isn't any real safe route, 100 % success guarantee. 

When we already test its "step 1 step 2 qualities" and happy with it, things get complicated when we're facing the step 3 afterward. Have you ever experience it? Yes ? then we're on the same boat.

Work's tasks, travelling plan, even love are always begin with testing the water step. When it doesn't meet up with our expectation later, it somehow bring dissapoinment and sadness. Crush that you believe is mature and caring person, but turns out still childish. Works that you give your best, not yet satissfied the boss, etc. 

If we really look at the first place, expectation is the one who bring us to that level. We expect too much, because the packaging looks good at testing the water process. We expect too much because we already give our best to the project. So shall we not expect and hope nothing at all? NO. WE SHOULD ALWAYS HOPE AND EXPECT georgeous readers <3

So what should we do? check these 2 below ! : D
1. Expect and See in a realistic way
* if your ideal lover criteria is mature and caring one, then meet with woman or man.
you have many options, don't let your self sad because 1 single person who we never know really care for you or not. Does she/he tell you about how they feel? if yes, expect things related to what they said. If no, let her/him go. It's exhausting to always guess right ? Focus your energy to other important things. You are the center of your own life darling <3

* if your work is excellent, expect excellent result. You deserve it. But if you deep down know it is not that good, expect less. Or change it to better one! ;) #wink

2. Ask or Act
* if your boss aren't satissfied with your jobs, don't wonder. Ask him/her directly the mistake, and correct it. You don't want to walk around same area twice. Be brave, smart, and show your talent ! #fighting

* if your lover getting hot and cold, don't wonder, ask her/him directly what she/he wants. or if you aren't brave enough, put on attitude that you don't like what they do. Let them think and see their feedback. Worthy lover knows (and care) if you change, they will let you know. If not, they're (maybe) just thinking about them self, you know what to do.

Gud nite love. Let's ready to face the real world tomorrow <3

"Have Sweet Dream" Hug and Kiss,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger