Sunday, June 15, 2014

" Kreong Monster" Delicious Gold Snail Chips: 2 in 1 solution ! :D

Hello friends, how are you?

It's been a little while since my last blogging, do u miss me? kekekeke XD


Today i wanna share with you about new launching of delicious and full of nutrition food


"Kreong Monster"

 What is it Stella ? *sure u're wondering bout that now 

 This is how the product looks like : D


So basically "Kreong Monster" is food product in form of chips, that made by combining

golden snail and seasoning

And it's not ordinary seasoning! 

it's using Ultimate Balado Recipe and Extraordinary Balado Powder 

that make it really yummy <3

the taste is similar to fish or seafood chip, 

however far more yummy *nom nom

Kreong Monster comes in 3 different level of spiciness,

L1 :  Extreme Mr. Kreong Monster 

L2 : Extreme Plus Mr. Kreong Monster

L3 : Insane Mr. Kreong Monster

It's crispy spicy chip that's targeting the spicy food lovers ,

ready to provide you with bundle of benefits !  <3 <3

What inside that BIG BENEFITS PACKAGE? : D

1. Yummy! 

(i place it first, since i believe both of us love yummy food lol <3 <3)

2. Pay less, Get More!

(just 10.000 rupiah/110 grams, 

another spicy food like Maic*h cost 21.000/180 grams, 

with taste farrrr from this one, and you still get a lot more of chips

Do u love that spicy M chip? or u're missing far better spicy chip product?

try this, and u need just 1 second to love it : D  )

3. Full of nutrition 

( you get your yummy chip, and still get protein, vitamins source from it

never find yummy chip with full of nutrition? 

u get one now hihi

just intermezo : golden snail contains 55-60% protein, 

while even soy bean only has 35 %, meat 19 %, chicken egg 13 % )

4. Shipping available for everyone, everywhere in Indonesia

(just text us, and it will arrive soon at your home sweet home)

So are you interested to try it? 

contact us now through :


since we (me and farmers who produce it) are having promotion right now,

10 packs of 110 grams Kreong Monster (choose your own level)

 1 PACK of 110 grams Kreong Monster (choose your own level)

This promotion is limited to the first 30 customers only,

so grab it fast *nom nom



This chip  is my new innovation as food technology student, as 2 in 1 solution

to help farmers overcome problem with golden snail,

and improve their family walfare ^____^

* with Mrs. Suryati - wife of Mr. Janadi, 

Ms. Dila and Dita - my beloved friends

Why it can overcome problem with golden snail?

because Golden snail is farmer enemy since it can reduce 15 - 79 % of rice

production, in other way we can say the rice production is failed already :(

How it can improve their welfare?

by providing new business, 

so they have additional and sustainable income  ^__^



So to overcome that problem and provide new and sustainable business for them,

i made this program : D

Now we're promoting to give you chance to taste this yummy snack too <3 <3

i tried many formulas before, till find the best taste you can ever get

This product even comes out at RCTI and Pro TV 

Indonesia National TV

check out this video below : D

So what are u waiting guys?

contact us now before the promotion end

Pay less, Get More,

Better Food for Better Generation 



With Love,

Stella Meryl

Indonesian blogger