Thursday, February 13, 2014

REVIEW : Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream ! (´▿`ʃƪ)

Hi guys! today i’m gonna reviewing about Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream. This hand cream is totally awesome!  My favourite scent is peach (my blog name even lol) , and this is 1 reason why i love this cream (´▿`ʃƪ)

How about the packaging
The packaging comes in peach shape, made from plastic. Somehow it reminds me of Momotaro story, you know that story  about a boy that comes out of a peach <3 <3.  The packaging is really cute, and lightweight. The size also fit for everyday purpose, not too big or too small to carry in your purse/bag.

How about the content
Inside, there is plastic seal to keep the cream hygiene, however we need to take small amount of cream before application using our own finger, since there isn’t any spatula that comes with the product. 

Honestly i don’t really like  “application using bare finger” type of hand cream. I personally prefer hand cream or lotion base in pump or tube form, or at least with spatula when it is in a jar. It just feel more hygienic in my opinion. But well since this hand cream is really good I can let it pass this time :D. If you have problem about using bare finger, you may want to use a cotton bud dear.

The cream inside has white colour – pinkish colour. I must warn you that it smells REALLY REALLY PEACHY! This is very good news for you (and me) who like a fragranced product. But maybe some of you don’t prefer a strong fragranced product like this. The strong scent stay for about 10 minutes, then fade away, leaving only a hint of peach scent on our palm.
Bagian Dalam Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hnad Cream

Tekstur Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hnad Cream

The texture is light, not sticky, and absorb very fast. A little goes long way, so just need to take little amount every time i want to use it.

How about the ability? It’s GOOD NEWS ! : D. (note : i’m testing it only about 7 days until I made this review). I’m using it everyday in the morning, and night before go to sleep. I can feel my hand become a bit smoother in a short period of time. About the anti aging ability, my mom tried it too (she is 52 y.o), and her hands do feel little smoother too. But I guess the product is more towards preventive product since it’s contain vitamin C, but not SPF. Anyway, based on the result, I do think it will work great if I used it everyday.

(+) Lovely smell
(+) Good Result
(+) Not Sticky
(+) Affordable
(+) Travel Friendly

(-) need to use bare finger. At least i want a spatula

Overall i love it. This is now my favourite hand cream, if there isn’t any better peach hand cream available at the store, i will definitely repurchase it <3 <3

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger