Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Testing the Water & Expectation

Testing the water. We often do that for many occasions. In work, friendship, or even in love. 
To test the condition, check whether it is right and OK, give us safety feeling, before  "swimming" inside.
But dear, like how you test the water temperature at the sea,
you just test the surface. Not the real one inside.

Like the sea who hide mystery inside, it is the same with life.
We feel like we know what will face us in front,
but the truth is we only know the "opening" of a path or thing that we choose. The rest? we shall play the game and experience it by our self.
There isn't any real safe route, 100 % success guarantee. 

When we already test its "step 1 step 2 qualities" and happy with it, things get complicated when we're facing the step 3 afterward. Have you ever experience it? Yes ? then we're on the same boat.

Work's tasks, travelling plan, even love are always begin with testing the water step. When it doesn't meet up with our expectation later, it somehow bring dissapoinment and sadness. Crush that you believe is mature and caring person, but turns out still childish. Works that you give your best, not yet satissfied the boss, etc. 

If we really look at the first place, expectation is the one who bring us to that level. We expect too much, because the packaging looks good at testing the water process. We expect too much because we already give our best to the project. So shall we not expect and hope nothing at all? NO. WE SHOULD ALWAYS HOPE AND EXPECT georgeous readers <3

So what should we do? check these 2 below ! : D
1. Expect and See in a realistic way
* if your ideal lover criteria is mature and caring one, then meet with woman or man.
you have many options, don't let your self sad because 1 single person who we never know really care for you or not. Does she/he tell you about how they feel? if yes, expect things related to what they said. If no, let her/him go. It's exhausting to always guess right ? Focus your energy to other important things. You are the center of your own life darling <3

* if your work is excellent, expect excellent result. You deserve it. But if you deep down know it is not that good, expect less. Or change it to better one! ;) #wink

2. Ask or Act
* if your boss aren't satissfied with your jobs, don't wonder. Ask him/her directly the mistake, and correct it. You don't want to walk around same area twice. Be brave, smart, and show your talent ! #fighting

* if your lover getting hot and cold, don't wonder, ask her/him directly what she/he wants. or if you aren't brave enough, put on attitude that you don't like what they do. Let them think and see their feedback. Worthy lover knows (and care) if you change, they will let you know. If not, they're (maybe) just thinking about them self, you know what to do.

Gud nite love. Let's ready to face the real world tomorrow <3

"Have Sweet Dream" Hug and Kiss,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Journey : Working Out, Slow but Sure, to Reach Ideal Body! *Bonus Diet Plan

Hi guys, 

it's been a while since my last post *sorry XD

there were many things happen during those 2 months,

become Student of The Year 2014  at my university,

 joined ACUCA camp in Taipei, etc etc

There are also sad stories, but mostly are happy and exciting ones. And i'm really thankful to God Jesus for that <3 <3

Okay let's skip about those stories first, i'll come back later to share about them ;D

Tonight i wanna share bout my new journey, my new goal, with you guys

It's about reaching ideal body ! *horay! (´▿`ʃƪ)

The purpose i make this post, is to share and motivate you guys,

who also in same journey like me,

or have same dream like me (but still waiting for a "motivation booster" <3 )

Ehmm, where should i begin my story? 

I were a very skinny girl until 7 y.o. So skinny to the point it's unhealthy. 
I didn't eat much, because i was really picky about food, but really active as a young girl. Not like the other girls at my age, who love playing with dolls, and just chat between girls friends, i cannot sit and keep silent even just for seconds!

Everday is all about playing games with my big bro and boy friends. Notice i give them underlines?
My group consist of 95 % of boys ! LOL
( i couldn't stand just sit and play dolls with the girls for hours *what's the point? not to insult anyone, but i just really dun get it  O.o - sorry haha)
We played soccer ball, kites, baseball, cycling etc etc as kids. Just every games that needs running, screaming, use our muscle, is fun and exciting for me *u get the point

My parents worried about my heatlh, because i was easily get sick. 
my nutrition intake wasn't good because i was really picky about food. And i often end up overtired and got sick >__<

So they gave me chinese herbal medicine who boost up metabolism, increase my appetite and make me healthy. And that's when my appetite become too big, because i then eat everything !
I know the happiness eating good food, and since my family love to travel to many places to hang out and eat, i become fat TT ^ TT
It's a little bit sad, but i'm not dissapointed. Because healthy comes first. So it's okay.

I still do many exercising like badminton and so on. Since my nature is a little bit boyish, so once again, no doll (exception for teddy bear. That soft and cute bear, i love it up until now. Mr. Teddy is just too cute and i cannot resist his charm ! wkwkwk )

So i'm growing up not too fat but never been in very good shape either :p

It was around senior high chool, when i start becoming a female, have crush and so on, i start to give more attention to my body shape (i blv all of you ladies and boys have this experience too, don't you? love works like magic hahaha)
I crazily go on diet, and become quite slim. Lose about 10 kg only in some months.

But then at my 3rd grade in senior high school, when i faced national final exam, i got really stress and my appetite increase once again
So i become fat again * wew

Luckily i'm quite tall as a girl. 166 cm. so even if  i gain weight, people often don't realize i'm fat, till they know my weight. Btw, i'm 59 kg now.
I'm not embarass about my weight. This is my body <3

But these past months, i see many people around me working hard to reach their ideal body. Try to build muscle, get flat or six packs abs, and so on. People that i know, and  people that i don't know (just see their accounts on instagram)

They do really motivate me to come back at the right track, to once again pursue my dream, to reach my ideal body. I really want that slim waist and flat abs ! *ON FIRE

So, here i am now, working out towards my goal.
It's hard, and every day is really challenging.
 It requires determination, hard work, say no to excuse,
I bold it, since i think it's the main point in this journey. Never Give Up.
Once we start this journey, there will be many things that make us want to just stop and say whatever, but please don't give up. 
Because we know what kind of achievement that we will get later.
I  still only lose about 2 kg now (i was 61 before). But i try not to care about the scales.
Because i see that my body getting smaller ^__^

I found this picture on google, 
i believe it says really clear about why we don't need to concern about scales.

So if we replace those fats with muscles, our body will automatically getting smaller,
eventhough our scales is same ; D

So to make you stay motivated, to close this post, i want to share my diet and exercise plan.
I personalize it by my self, after reading many articles, books, and so on.
I think it's the best way to reach ideal body.
Hope it works well on you too ^__^

Here it is :


* 1 liter of water 
(if it's too hard for you, start with 500 ml)
* 1 medium portion of fruit 
( 2 banana or  2 cups of melon is best for me, since i have stomach ulcers)


* 500 ml of water
* 500 ml of fruit juice 
( i recently love papaya and low fat milk 1 : 1. If  the consistency isn't your preference, add more low fat milk is ok. Try it, it's yummy <3)

* 1 liter of water 
(if it's too hard for you, start with 500 ml)
* 1 small portion of fruit
( 1 banana/1 cup of melon/1 apple/1 orange, whatever fruit you like. 
But no durian, longan, that kind of sweet fruit with many sugars contain )


* 1 liter of water
(if it's too hard for you, start with 500 ml)
 * 1 cup of red rice
* 1 bowl of boiled vegetable
(add whatever spices that u like. You can add some tofu too inside your soup. Make it tasty ! <3 )
* 1 medium size (10-15 cm) of roasted/ boiled meat/poultry/fish
(add whatever spices that u like. No mayonaise here. Delicious food is a gift, so make it yummy to cheer you up on your journey <3 )
1 small size (5-7 cm) of fried meat/poultry/fish

note : if you already add coconut milk into your vegetable dish, skip the blue one 


* 500 ml of water 
(if it's too hard for you, start with 250 ml)
* 1 small portion of fruit
( 1 banana/1 cup of melon/1 apple/1 orange, whatever fruit you like. 
But no durian, longan, that kind of sweet fruit with many sugars contain )


*1 liter of water
(if it's too hard for you, start with 500 ml)
* 1medium portion of fruit 
( 2 banana or  2 cups of melon )
* 1 small portion of fruit 
( 1 banana or  1 cup of melon )
 *1 bowl of boiled vegetable
(add whatever spices that u like. No coconut milk. Make it yummy <3 )

EXERCISING (choose 1 - I usually do it at 16.00 )
a.  High Impact Aerobic 40-60 minutes 
(don't have time to go to the gym? check out youtube for inspiration)
b. Body Pump 40 - 60 minutes
c. OCW 7 minutes work out 2 sets (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIczmd5b7_c)
, plus 30 minutes high impact aerobic
(i'm not affiliated, just recommended the work out since it works :) )

note : i usually take turn between those 3, according to my mood. 
Usually 3 times C,  1 time A, and 1 time B/ week.

So that's all. My "Healthy - No starving" Diet Plan
Hope it works well on you too.
Kindly let me know if you try this
I also very welcome, if you want to be "Diet Besties" with me
Kindly send me email at stella_meryl@ymail.com
Let's motivate each other to keep focus and reach our goal! <3

Never give up loves! ^__^ 

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Sunday, June 15, 2014

" Kreong Monster" Delicious Gold Snail Chips: 2 in 1 solution ! :D

Hello friends, how are you?

It's been a little while since my last blogging, do u miss me? kekekeke XD


Today i wanna share with you about new launching of delicious and full of nutrition food


"Kreong Monster"

 What is it Stella ? *sure u're wondering bout that now 

 This is how the product looks like : D


So basically "Kreong Monster" is food product in form of chips, that made by combining

golden snail and seasoning

And it's not ordinary seasoning! 

it's using Ultimate Balado Recipe and Extraordinary Balado Powder 

that make it really yummy <3

the taste is similar to fish or seafood chip, 

however far more yummy *nom nom

Kreong Monster comes in 3 different level of spiciness,

L1 :  Extreme Mr. Kreong Monster 

L2 : Extreme Plus Mr. Kreong Monster

L3 : Insane Mr. Kreong Monster

It's crispy spicy chip that's targeting the spicy food lovers ,

ready to provide you with bundle of benefits !  <3 <3

What inside that BIG BENEFITS PACKAGE? : D

1. Yummy! 

(i place it first, since i believe both of us love yummy food lol <3 <3)

2. Pay less, Get More!

(just 10.000 rupiah/110 grams, 

another spicy food like Maic*h cost 21.000/180 grams, 

with taste farrrr from this one, and you still get a lot more of chips

Do u love that spicy M chip? or u're missing far better spicy chip product?

try this, and u need just 1 second to love it : D  )

3. Full of nutrition 

( you get your yummy chip, and still get protein, vitamins source from it

never find yummy chip with full of nutrition? 

u get one now hihi

just intermezo : golden snail contains 55-60% protein, 

while even soy bean only has 35 %, meat 19 %, chicken egg 13 % )

4. Shipping available for everyone, everywhere in Indonesia

(just text us, and it will arrive soon at your home sweet home)

So are you interested to try it? 

contact us now through : https://www.facebook.com/KreongMonster


since we (me and farmers who produce it) are having promotion right now,

10 packs of 110 grams Kreong Monster (choose your own level)

 1 PACK of 110 grams Kreong Monster (choose your own level)

This promotion is limited to the first 30 customers only,

so grab it fast *nom nom



This chip  is my new innovation as food technology student, as 2 in 1 solution

to help farmers overcome problem with golden snail,

and improve their family walfare ^____^

* with Mrs. Suryati - wife of Mr. Janadi, 

Ms. Dila and Dita - my beloved friends

Why it can overcome problem with golden snail?

because Golden snail is farmer enemy since it can reduce 15 - 79 % of rice

production, in other way we can say the rice production is failed already :(

How it can improve their welfare?

by providing new business, 

so they have additional and sustainable income  ^__^



So to overcome that problem and provide new and sustainable business for them,

i made this program : D

Now we're promoting to give you chance to taste this yummy snack too <3 <3

i tried many formulas before, till find the best taste you can ever get

This product even comes out at RCTI and Pro TV 

Indonesia National TV

check out this video below : D

So what are u waiting guys?

contact us now before the promotion end

Pay less, Get More,

Better Food for Better Generation 



With Love,

Stella Meryl

Indonesian blogger








Thursday, February 13, 2014

REVIEW : Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream ! (´▿`ʃƪ)

Hi guys! today i’m gonna reviewing about Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream. This hand cream is totally awesome!  My favourite scent is peach (my blog name even stellamerylpeachlover.blogspot.com lol) , and this is 1 reason why i love this cream (´▿`ʃƪ)

How about the packaging
The packaging comes in peach shape, made from plastic. Somehow it reminds me of Momotaro story, you know that story  about a boy that comes out of a peach <3 <3.  The packaging is really cute, and lightweight. The size also fit for everyday purpose, not too big or too small to carry in your purse/bag.

How about the content
Inside, there is plastic seal to keep the cream hygiene, however we need to take small amount of cream before application using our own finger, since there isn’t any spatula that comes with the product. 

Honestly i don’t really like  “application using bare finger” type of hand cream. I personally prefer hand cream or lotion base in pump or tube form, or at least with spatula when it is in a jar. It just feel more hygienic in my opinion. But well since this hand cream is really good I can let it pass this time :D. If you have problem about using bare finger, you may want to use a cotton bud dear.

The cream inside has white colour – pinkish colour. I must warn you that it smells REALLY REALLY PEACHY! This is very good news for you (and me) who like a fragranced product. But maybe some of you don’t prefer a strong fragranced product like this. The strong scent stay for about 10 minutes, then fade away, leaving only a hint of peach scent on our palm.
Bagian Dalam Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hnad Cream

Tekstur Tony Moly Peach Anti Aging Hnad Cream

The texture is light, not sticky, and absorb very fast. A little goes long way, so just need to take little amount every time i want to use it.

How about the ability? It’s GOOD NEWS ! : D. (note : i’m testing it only about 7 days until I made this review). I’m using it everyday in the morning, and night before go to sleep. I can feel my hand become a bit smoother in a short period of time. About the anti aging ability, my mom tried it too (she is 52 y.o), and her hands do feel little smoother too. But I guess the product is more towards preventive product since it’s contain vitamin C, but not SPF. Anyway, based on the result, I do think it will work great if I used it everyday.

(+) Lovely smell
(+) Good Result
(+) Not Sticky
(+) Affordable
(+) Travel Friendly

(-) need to use bare finger. At least i want a spatula

Overall i love it. This is now my favourite hand cream, if there isn’t any better peach hand cream available at the store, i will definitely repurchase it <3 <3

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger