Friday, August 23, 2013

WINNER : The Beauty and Pocket GIVEAWAY ALERT ! $250 HKD Cash Voucher for 2 winners! (´▿`ʃƪ)

Hi all beautiful ladies,
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As i promised,
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Beauty and Pocket GIVEAWAY ALERT ! $250 HKD Cash Voucher for 2 winners! (´▿`ʃƪ)

Hi all beautiful ladies,
welcome back to my blog 
"The Beauty & Pocket "
If this is your first time visitting my blog,
kindly let me have small introduction here

 Today i wanna have mini giveaway for you
kindly give to me by my sponsor Glam-it company
I told you before about first package that i got from them
about the tote bag, glam balm and funny bunny solid perfume here : D
Inside the package, i also got some cash vouchers
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 I don't know what will i get inside another package from them later on,
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Saturday, August 3, 2013


" Welcome Princess! <3 <3"  

Remember that line ladies when you come into a shop? 
Guess the Brand? haha
Yup, you're right! 
* i belive everybody get it right, too easy question huh? XD

Today, i wanna share to you princess 
review about beauty products
 from that very famous Korean brand ! ETUDE HOUSE! yay!  (´▿`ʃƪ)
I finally get some short holiday,
so decide to share some new reviews for you
about some beauty products from ETUDE 
that like on that welcoming line,
always success to make us feel like a princess everytime we use it  <3 <3

Before we start,
if this is your first time visit my blog,
" The Beauty & Pocket "
let me have my small introduction here
and you may want to tell me your blog too if you have,
i love knowing new friends,
so let's get along well  and support each other girls! #BIGHUG 

I'm very happy to receive beauty products from  ETUDE HOUSE Global 
*jeongmal kamsahamnida 정말 감사합니다
The happiness bigger
because i'm their huge fan since long time ago
so to can try their new products really make me happy ^ ^ 
*click the link to visit and like their fan page if you also love ETUDE princess,
they always update about their newest products, tips, and many more 

The products directly come from Korea in those 2 cute pink packages,
that make me go kyaaa kyaaa O(≧▽≦)o♪ all the way
 you know i'm big freak of pink right?XD
And because pink is the main colour of ETUDE,
when those packages came out,
i already know who sent it before open it xixi
Receive this package make me feel like PINK BIRD,
people that include in EH campaign,
but i'm not, will join the selection later if they open again,
it's really fun to receive and make review from your favourite brand <3
Packages came in thick carton boxes,
that guarantee the safety of the products inside

Here what i got inside 
jjan!  \(´▽`)/

Products showed on photos :

* Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit  #W13 (Natural Beige)
* Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lipstalk #JOR201
* Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base #2.Berry Choux  ( bought this one my self, but photoshoot it together to make this reviews : D)
* Aloe Moistful Mask Pack
* Sample Silk Scarf Conditioner 
* Sample Silk Scarf Shampoo
*Sample Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream #W13
* Sample Moistful Collagen Cream
* Sample Nymph Aura Volumer #3

So many, don't you think? 
Do you already feel my excitement ? O(≧▽≦)o♪ xixixi
actually ETUDE HOUSE Global didn't tell me that i will get the masks and samples too.
so it's surprising when i opened the package and saw many of them
They're like sweet dessert - since we talking about their Sweet Recipe line-
that really sweet <3 <3

Because there're many photos, i separate them
 so that i can show you detail on each product
and it will also make every post easier to load 
eventhough you open my page through your handphone  ^__^ v

On this post,
i gonna show you  special review about  
Sweet Recipe products
Sweet Recipe line basically line of beauty products
that make us remember about sweet cooking,
like jelly and creamy filling
That's why you can see from the packaging it full of very cute cake and jelly candies design : D

My review today include 2 princess from that ETUDE newest line,
The Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk and
 The Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base 
actually i already make the draft of this post since sometime ago,
but many things come up and now finally i can finish this post,
so enjoy ladies! : D xoxo

Let's move to the first princess  (´▿`ʃƪ)

 The Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk

The  packaging comes in carton box that has super cute design all over it
You can see the colourful jelly candies that looks so yummy,
and with the lacey white around them
that gives the princess feeling <3

This the Recipe for Jelly Lips,
how to use the lips talk to get the sweet look
PS : i put this lips-talk not only to my lips,
but also cheek and eyes 
when i want a simple orange theme makeup <3

Those side that written in hangul,
 mianhamnida i cannot read it >__<  haha

  Mine comes in shade JOR201
It's an orange colour lips-talk ^.^

At the bottom of the packaging,
you can find the manufacture date of your lips-talk

 The packaging for the lips-talk comes in white thick plastic,
with orange beads detail on it
It somehow really simple compare to the design of carton packaging outside,
but this make the lips-talk look profesional,
but still sweet and cute as usual from EH

On the lips-talk,
there's this sweet symbol of EH
i found this symbol on my other lipstick from EH too,
heart with crown symbol <3
Maybe in this point, you will think that this colour really bold orange colour
i also thought like that when first opened it,
but no this is really beautiful soft colour,
trust me,
let me see you the swatch  ^ ^

The colous is really soft orange colour
that makes me remind of clear orange jelly,
colour can be re-swatch to make it more bold if you like it that way
i swatched it 1 - 2 - 3 times for you
i usually only swatch 2 times,
that already show beautiful orange colour : D
But because it really soft,
after we eat, need to touch up

it has sweet scent of orange too that i love so much since i'm aroma lover
but if you don't like any aroma,
no need to worry because the scent just stay a while and fade away later
i personally would really love if the scent last forever lol

The moisture function is really good,
you will find your lips become moisturize while applying it
no need for additional lipbalm,
less step on our makeup ! \(´▽`)/

What i love:
* Cute!
>> from the packaging, the lipstick, colour, everything just so cute ! O(≧▽≦)o♪
* Pastel orange colour
* Sweet orange scent
* Moisturize well
* Travel size
* can be applied as blush and eyeshadow too

What i don't love:
*need to often touch up

Recommend to buy?
 * Yes! this totally worthed product to add in your collection,
especially if you love pastel colour <3

The Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base

The packaging also come in really cute packaging
This Baby Choux comes like sweet cream filling for cake
that always make me want to eat some cake lol
omoo, this line totally got me princess with all these cute design and theme,
the scent, everything!
i also get this kyaa kyaa feeling with the Princess Etoinette series (because it's super cute too like princess's equipment)
but for me that kind of feeling for this line farrrrrr more bigger
it's more cuter in my eyes and totally make me fall !  >__<   <3

 This one wrote in hangul, anyone know the meaning? : D
just some feedback for EH,
it will be more better if there's english translation for all sides (some sides already has english translation)
so we can understand all of the information
because the EH fans also spread all over the world  xoxo

 Contain SPF 25 PA++
so just use this alone can protect your skin from sunburn
But i personally always use this combine with my bb cream,
usually with Precious Mineral BB Cream #W13 that is my favourit one,
because this baby choux suppose to be a primer, that has light coverage
so layer it with bb cream  will give perfect finish

 Recipe for Baby Choux Skin,
which is how to use it : D
Contain 25 g of baby choux in each pack, that believe me it really long way to finish eventhough i use it almost everyday
they really make us feel like we're cooking, don't you think? hihi

Ingredients information says water first,
which mean water is the major component here on this baby choux
so it means its water base
I realize it while making this post too,
that's why i always feel it's refreshing when apllied it i guess

Sometime when the weather is very hot,
if i applied only bb cream it will fade from my face after sometime because of the sweat,
but if i applied baby choux first, it will be more long lasting,
and more over my face feel more cooler than when i applied only bbcream
I also feel weird at the first time,
because more layers suppose to be hotter in face because we use thicker make up right?
but it's different,
and now i know that this major component is water, maybe because of that : D
Water base also usually more friendly for sensitive skin,
that's why it perfect match with my skin

 The real packaging  comes in thick transparant glass jar,
we need to twist the cap to open it
The cap colour containing pearl,
so it somehow remind me of dewy skin finish

We can see the pink cream choux from outside,
the size actually is travel friendly,
but since the packaging quite heavy and might broken since it made from glass,
i usually take some and bring it on little plastic jar for cream product
you can easily find that kind of plastic jar on stores for very cheap price

I choose shade 2 #Berry Choux which is for covering panda eyes and dull skin
i have trouble with that because of my sleeping time is not really well
especially if i have tons of homework
using bb cream only sometime doesn't cover my dull skin well,
but if i combine bb cream + bbchoux,
it just perfect for dewy skin finish !  : D

As for covering panda eyes ability,
it does its function,but just light covering
will works when i have just light panda eyes
i tried my friend's EH Surprise Essence Concealer sometime ago (after use choux + bb cream)
 and those combination really works for really perfect flawless dewy skin
complete covering when i have even heavy panda eyes!
So i'm ordering that now
will make review about that later pretty girls

The Baby Choux has creamy texture but it does'nt feel heavy on skin at all
instead it gives me that cooling effect that i said before
Some other  bloggers that live in different countries said that it's too viscous
that difficult to spread, that's kinda scared me when i want to order it back then,
but actually when it comes, its consistency is just perfect ! O.O
not too thick, very easy to spread
i usually apply it with my finger
You can see from the picture that it's still half to finish
eventhough me and my mom use it everyday
it really last long  <3

It has sweet berry aroma on it,
but as usual will fade away after some time T_T

What i love :
* Perfect match for my combination skin (that a little sensitive type too)
* Let bbcream stay longer
* Last long time
* Sweet berry scent >> but please last longer on my face lol
* perfect viscosity, not feel heavy on skin

What i don't love :
*heavy and fragile glass jar packaging >>  prefer something that's easy and lighter to bring

Recommend to buy ?
* Yes! it's nice and affordable primer,
try this if you looking for primer to brighten up your dull skin

Ow yeah if you're wondering about how this Baby Choux turn on when applied on my face,
see my next post, because i will compare it side by side
Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit only, 
Baby Choux + Bright Fit,
 Precious Mineral BB Cotton Fit,
Baby Choux + Cotton Fit
so you can see the comparison ,
and decide which one you would like to have : D

Last i wanna show you review about the sweet dessert,
that i already tried 

Aloe Moistful Mask Sheet

It's one time used mask sheet that rich with aloevera
with very light smell of aloevera 
i applied it on my face about 30 minutes,
and use the left over essence inside to massage my neck area

It does moisturize my skin well,
and give soothing effect, kinda like cooling sensation
based on my experience, aloevera can heal sunburn,
so i believe it's more recommended for people that got sunburn
 to sooth their itchies and redness on their skin
or simply for sensitive skin  people to hydrate our skin without irritate it

I love this mask
but personally i more love the Etude House I Need You Mask in Red Ginseng that more suitable for my stress type skin, you know that i have trouble with my dull skin because of work until late evening and etc
red ginseng make me feel like releasing my stress and heal my skin well <3

What i love:
* Soothing effect
* Calming and moisturizing my skin well

What i don't love :
* just 1 time usage since it sheet mask lol

Recommended to buy? :
* Do you have sensitive skin or get sunburn right now?
if yes, try this <3

So that's all for my post today,
see you on my next post about Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit! <3
Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요

With Love,
Stella Meryl 
Indonesian Beauty Blogger