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Wet n Wild REVIEW PART 2 ! : D

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 Today, i'm gonna share special review for special beauty package
that i got from Wet n Wild Cosmetics Indonesia
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 they always share many beauty tips and tutorial
plus quiz for W n W lovers : D )

First, i wanna say sorry i don't post for a while 
cause i'm busy with final exam
But now i'm back,
bringing you my newest review 
about another Wet n Wild product! yay! : D
I believe that many of you will love this review,
since there're many fans of Wet n Wild cosmetic like me
*how could we not falling in love with such great and affordable product ? >o<

Don't want to make it more longer, 
here is my (continuation) review about

 Megaslicks Lipgloss  #Bronze Berry 

(Rp. 69.000)


My package from Wet n Wild Cosmetics Indonesia contains those 2 products,
if you curious about the eyeshadow,
read my previous post about it
*i recommend you to read that since that eyeshadow simply  georgeous!
i also upload my video review about these 2 princess there  <3


The packaging comes in thick transparant plastic tube,
with silver cap
simply just twist the cap to open it.
It comes in travel size so really convenience to bring it ladies 
see my video review on previous post to see the exact size  ;D

Mine comes in shade Bronze Berry,
as you can see it's a very beautiful soft pink colour with glitters
it will give us shimmer pink lip,
that i personally love so much
 since i'm a huge fan (maniac) of pink  * you can see that from my blog them right? haha
this shade simply got me totally! O(≧▽≦)o♪

The brush shape is usual lipbrush
that attached together with silver cap

Swatches time! ^ o ^

The pink colour looks a little bit bold on my hand,
but when it's apply on lips,
it will just blend and gives me very natural glossy pink colour <3

 My bare lips

 Applied the MegaSlick Li Gloss in Bronze Berry

I applied 1 layer only for the colour to come out,
so it really pigmented for a lipgloss
As you can see,
the colour just blend naturally on my lips and gives me natural finish look

One thing i love from this lipgloss,
it don't make my lips dry beautiful girls!​ yay! (´▿`ʃƪ)
Indonesia has hot weather that usually make my lips dry
when i use lipgloss without any lipbalm first
This Megaslick don't do the same rule with other lipgloss,
i never use any lipbalm first before apply it,
but my lips will still moisturize : D
But that doesn't mean if my lips already dry and has undesirable look
 (like when i got sorethroat)
then this lipgloss will make my lips very moist
not like that,
but when my lips in usual condition,
applying this lipgloss will not make it dry 

 That's why i love this lipgloss (other than beautiful pink colour reason)
 I love simple thing, 
so less step on makeup ( no need to apply lipbalm)
definitely great for me XD

What i love :
* Beautiful pink colour
* Convenience size  >> so i can bring it up in my cosmetic pouch 
* Moisturize enough >> no need for additional lipbalm

What i don't like :
* The smell is not so good,
since i'm huge fan of aroma,
i more prefer if it has nice scent like strawberry, or fruity maybe  : D

* Recommended?:
Just 69.000 rupiah ( about $7) and you get this great product 
who don't want to have it, add this to your collection dear 
xixi ​(´▿`ʃƪ)

So that's all for tonight post,
will come back soon with another beauty reviews
full of beauty products directly send to me from Korea <3
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