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If this is your first time visitting my blog,
let me have small introduction here : D

 Today, i'm gonna share special review for special beauty package
that i got from Wet n Wild Cosmetics Indonesia
( go click the facebook link,
 they always share many beauty tips and tutorial
plus quiz for W n W lovers : D )

In case you don't know,
Wet n Wild is no. 1 brand in USA,
it's  really popular and i always see many youtube gurus and bloggers
 from another countries talk about it everytime 
That's why when they officially come to Indonesia,
i am super happy, and excited to try their products !  finnally !  O(≧▽≦)o♪
 Lucky me,
i had been picked as 1 of lucky winners that won their beauty package
So here i am today,
to review the package that they sent me for you
My long wait for Wet n Wild to come to Indonesia is right choice,
since their products are super geourgeous and affordable <3 <3


 Wet n Wild contact number 
(if you cannot go online to order ) : 0828 1701 8886

 The package came in black paper with "wet n wild" icon,
complete with "FRAGILE" alert
It's very nice wrapped so it's really safe and make cure integrity of the products inside

Inside, there's still this choco box to protect the products
(It's not the box from the products that i got,
think Wet n Wild just find any box fit with the products to make sure they can arrive safely at my house  : D )
So you can see they tried their best to protects the beauty products they sent me
so if you don't live in Jakarta like me,
means cannot come to buy at the store
(located at SOGO Emporium Pluit, Jakarta)
don't hesitate to buy online through their website
They will make sure to send your package as safe as mine 

Here are the products that i got ,

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio  #Walking on Eggshells

(Rp 89,000 )


 Megaslicks Lipgloss  #Bronze Berry 

(Rp. 69.000)

Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio  #380B.Walking on Eggshells 

(Rp 89,000 )

The packaging comes in black -- transparant plastic box,
which i think it's look so cool and give professional feeling
There is Safety Sealed
to ensure our products integrity and still brand new

Mine comes in "Walking on Eggshells" palette
it contain 3 beautiful shimmer colours :
Light beige >> for BROWBONE
 Medium Coffee >> for CREASE
 Light Pink >> for EYELID

that browbone, crease, and eyelid writing
 also carved in another eyeshadow palettes
so we can easily know where to place that colours
there is instruction picture on the back of the packaging too,
that we can easily follow
i followed that to  make the final look for this review,
watch the video on the end of this post to see that 
I also show you how convenience the size of this palette 
even for travelling : D

There are also  2 mini brushes :
 with " wet n wild " writing carved on it
the brushes colour actually black
 ( see the previous photo that i took when it's still brand new)
already turn brown because i use it many times already
use just this palette alone will give us sweet and cute looks LOVE! O(≧▽≦)o♪




Since they're very soft colours - especially the beige and pink,
i also swatched in on white paper for you : D


 As you can see, all are shimmer colour
I use the beige colour to line my lower waterline too sometime,
beige can work same with white,
to make our eyes looks bigger
But beige can give more natural looking than white
that's why i prefer use it now
 I wanna try to combine the pink with my red eyeshadow,
believe it will looks geourgeous 
As the medium coffee colour it will also looks great for smookey eyes
if combine with darker brown colour
will upload the photos later when i already try : D

Love this palettes since it gives georgeous natural looks,
plus the colours can also be combined with another eyeshadows colour,
so you can say it's a all in 1 palette
I use it about 3-4 times already,  apllied 2 layers usually
and always use from morning till late evening
( if you're my regular readers,
 you must know how busy i am with my food technology student tasks)
but i happily tell you that everytime i use it,
it never failed to always still stay on their place
So, it has LONG LASTING formula

 What i love :
* Black packaging + 2 mini brushes
* Great colours  and ALL in 1
>> can be combination of that 3 only,
or combine with another eyeshadow colours
* Long lasting
* Convenience travel size (see the video)

What i don't love :
* cannot find any,
this simply affordable and great

Since cannot find any minus thing about this,
i'll give this

10 / 10

Great job Wet  n Wild *tumbs up

Recommended to buy?
*Absolutely! especially if you love natural looks
grab one now

Time for Video Review ! : D

you wanna ? visit their website now ladies
and grab your own products  : D

So, that's all for today review ladies
Curious to know bout the second cute thing i got?
read bout  it at the second part ; D
will show you as detail as possible review too ^o^
With love and makeup spirit,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger