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SINGAPORE PACKAGE REVIEW >> The Faceshop Mini Pet Hand Cream + Collagen Mask. Enjoy! : D

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First thing first,
i wanna say sorry because cannot make any review post for a while
Really busy with all those laboratories program (+their tasks),
tennis and science competitions,
and mid term exam >__<

So, finally i got  a short time holiday
Not a real holiday to be honest,
because i'm preparing the National Debat Competition for next week
It's a "next step" competition,
because my team won 1st place at my university debat competition some months ago
Hope can win it this time too
*please pray for me (˘ʃƪ˘)

Okay, let's now heading to our main topic
Today i'm gonna review beauty products that i got from Elgena, my friend from Singapore
I got this because i won her last giveaway
*Go check her page (click her name, i already link it)
especially if you live in Singapore
because she shares many wonderful things
from beauty, foods, and giveaways too ^__^


The package came through Singapore-Indonesian post,
in that brown paper .
On the backside, 
you can guess from the green paper 
that it contains  "hand cream x2", right?
but it actually contain additional things 
 ; D

Here are the beauty products that i got
  The Package contains :
*The Faceshop Mini Pet Hand Cream #Baby and #Floral
* The Faceshop Collagen Essential Mask Sheet
* 2 Hello Kity straps

I actually surprised when received all of them,
since Elgena suppose to only send me 1 hand cream
Thank you so much dear for those lovely gifts

Let's start talking about the Mini Pet Hand Cream, ladies : D

The Faceshop Mini Pet Hand Cream #01. Baby Powder

The first thing i screamed when saw this was
" CUTE !!! O(≧▽≦)o♪ " lol
 The Pet cap is really cute,
if it were real, it will be my pleasure to adopt you as my pet kid!
Love it so much <3 <3

It comes in soft blue colour jar made from plastic
 in 30 ml size
At the bottom, there is paper about its description
It's 2 layers paper that attach together
We need to flip it to see another information

I love this "flip system" paper
because i think it's more clean and convenience,
not needed so much space : D
I don't understand what's written in the top part because it's in hangul (korean language),
but the bottom part tell us about its ingredients

We need to twist the cap to open it
Inside the jar,
 we will meet this white cream, 
with baby powder scent that soft and lovely <3
It has a little bit thick texture,
but don't worry since it absorbs really fast and doesn't leave sticky or oily feeling
That's why i love this
My country is really hot, 
so if it leave those feeling it would be bother me and make me annoyed
But since it's not,
it pass the test and now always accompany me everywhere
‎yay! ​(´▿`ʃƪ)

I use this almost 2 weeks until now,
and i'm happy to tell you that my hand right now is not as rough as before
My hand before cannot consider as a girl hand because it really rough and dry
*sob sob T_T
I  love to see the result because i honestly think,
hand is the first impression too if we meet new people
because we introduce our self with hand right ?
so this cute baby really safe me
Consider i just use it about 2 weeks and it gives me great result,
i'm really looking forward to see how far it can goes to make my hands smoother
 : D

What i love :
* Lovely Baby Powder Scent
* Convenience size  >> so i can bring it up in my cosmetic pouch 
* Absorb fast
* No oily / sticky feeling
* Great result

What i don't like :
*Packaging that comes in jar
It will be more convenience if it comes in tube,
so no need to check if my hand is clean or not before pick some

* Recommended?:
especially if you live in tropical country that have hot weather like me
or just simply don't like anything oily and sticky : D

Now, Let's continue with the second princess 
(this one is my favourite!  (´▿`ʃƪ) )

The Faceshop Mini Pet Hand Cream #03. White Floral

 The packaging is same with the Baby one,
but this has red colour, and different pet
Cannot choose which one is cuter
Wanna be my pets kids? O(≧▽≦)o♪

It also has "flipped-paper" system to inform description of this product,
and it has white cream inside too
It also absorb fast, but it has more lovely scent in my opinion
White floral Scent is like floral fragrance that lovely and super feminim
 I also love the baby one, but love this scent more <3 <3
I still don't use this,
(just tried 1 time to make this review),
but since it's actually same with the baby one with just different smell,
bet this will work great too
I'll use this after finish my baby : D

The third thing i got from Elgena is

The Faceshop Collagen Essential Mask

Comes in this simple white plastic packaging,
this is contain 1 mask sheet for 1 time usage : D
Behind is how to use it and  the ingredients

What The Faceshop says about this product,
 plus the ingredients

It has almost no scent - i cannot smell anything
Tried to use this for half hour,
and i do feel that my face become more fresh, clean and moisturize 
after wearing this mask
But sadly it's break out my skin
i got one or two little pimples the next day >__<

Which is make me confuse is that eventhough it's moisturize my skin,
it didn't really give me amazing result
My skin didn't look shiny and bright after use this,
so i thought that it's not really deep penetrated my skin
That's why i shocked when got that 2 little pimples lol
But it just mean that this mask doesn't suit me
Ow yeah, my skin is combination type with oily only at T-zone
If you have different skin type, 
it maybe will suit you well
Any of you ever tried this?
Share your experience if yes : D

I'm not a huge fan of msheet masks like this to be honest,
because the mask size usually doesn't fit out with my face,
it's really not convenience to must try hard fit the mask in the place where it should be
Got the same experience not only with this mask, 
but also another sheet masks, dunno why
if not too small, will be too large
lol XD
But my fav sheet mask if i must pick is the ETUDE HOUSE sheet masks,
because it really deep penetrate my skin,
gives me dazzling skin result,
but doesn't break out my skin : D

Another thing why i prefer another type of masks,
is because the other type can be used more than 1 times, 
so more saving up
i can save the money to buy another products haha

Last but not least, i got

2 cute Hello Kitty  straps 

They made from rubber, and really CUTE! XOXO
I didn't tell Elgena that i love Hello Kitty
how could see know that and send me this ?
I'm not collecting any HK products anymore,
but when i was child,
i collected many many HK things from dolls, until school equipments
All must in HK
Because i think it's really cute and fancy
I stop collecting right now, but doesn't mean i stop love HK
So, those cute princess really reminds me of my cute collections
: D

So ladies,
that's all for today review,
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The next review after this post will be my 
Wet n Wild package
contain Eyeshadow Trio and Megaslick Lipgloss
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