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The Beauty & Pocket 2nd GIVEAWAY feat Pandalia Shop! WINNER , NEW GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT, and My Day story :D

Hi all beautiful ladies around the world
Welcome to 
"The Beauty & Pocket" !
: D

As the title of this post,
tonight i'm gonna announce the winner of 

The Beauty & Pocket 2nd GIVEAWAY feat Pandalia Shop!

yayyyy!!! :D

As i mentioned before, there are 2 WINNERS of this giveaway
each will get 50.000 Rupiah voucher from Pandalia Shop

First i wanna say thank you so much to sista Pandalia for supporting my blog
through this giveaway
And, i also wanna thank you all of you guys 
who join my Google Friends Connections andthis giveaway
I LOVE YOU all ! <3 <3
wanna hug all of you one by one if i can >___<
Thx for the supports, comments, advices,
All of them help me to know more about you all
so i can develop my blog more

I also wanna say sorry because recently cannot upload any review
( *eventhough they're piling up right now in my closets 
scream out to appear in my post aaaa @__@)
I really stuck in all of   my university regular and laboratory tasks
they force me to give all my time
stayed until very late night in the past few weeks,
but still not all of them finished yet T_T

 Actually if i make some of them little by little,
they will not pile up until make me really stress
but fool of me,
my shedule / plan that i already make,
the day when i want to do some of them,
happen with the same day as my tennis cup !
*Oh My GOD @____@

The tennis cup that held by my university,
was played in 3 days in a row
(you can imagine how exhausted i am )
and the next day after the tennis cup,
is the deadline of my laboratory tasks !

So i stayed up until very late,
i even didn't come to some lectures
which i regret it so much,
because the owner of famous bakery shop in my town
named Dyriana bakery
came to give special lecture about the science of chocolate
(i'm a food technology student 
if this is your first time visit my blog,  
you maybe don't know that : D)
I really don't like it if i must skip class
because know that my parents pay for my study expense,
and if i don't come 
it feels like i don't have any responsibilty
My parents don't scold me or what
(they're not the type of scary parents,
but more like best friends to me *loveyoumomdad )
they really understand i was really tired
but it's just my agony that i know i did something wrong

my team WON that tennis cup 
 It's not first place, but 3rd ,
but i really thankful my team can make it
because the other team all compose by man
( 3 men, or just 1 woman
and we're 3 woman =.=)

Thx to God, parents, friends
for supporting us
and special for Michelle and Tere , my lovely team

So, for you my beloved readers,
to celebrate my winning,
i'm going to make a new GIVEAWAY
for you all

But not tonight,
 i'll start with give you some hints about what will appear in my review post next time
some of you ask me about when i will upload new review,
*thx for the email dear 
since i still really busy right now,
i'll give you some hints first
enjoy them first before the real review uploaded : D



"The Beauty & Pocket " !!!

1. The Faceshop beauty products
* My friend Elgenahearts from Singapore sent me 
those beautiful and fabulous products
there are 3 products that i'm gonna review 
but still not decide
will review them in some posts or all together in a post
go check her page at fb 
just click to visit,
already link that
she share many awesome things in her page : D

2. Wet n Wild beauty products
* Wet n Wild sent me a package about 1 week ago
contain 2 beauty products inside
the package came after the package from elgena,
so the review about them
will be uploaded after The Faceshop products 

3. ETUDE HOUSE Sweet Recipe & Moistful
* There are 3 products,
ETUDE HOUSE Korea sent me 2 of them 
(1 from Sweet Recipe, and 1 from moistful series line ) ,
and the other 1 i buy it by my self
but it still not arrive yet
still on the way to my house : D

4. Beautytreats INA beautybox
* The first beautybox which i told you before,
arrive at my home this morning
which contain many products
some in real size
I satisfied enough with the contain,
(consider i cannot choose)
but not as how awesome i predicted the inside will be actually
to be honest
just wait for my review
i know how the new beautybox  phenomenon in Indonesia,
really call out our curiosity : D

5. Pygmalionland 4th winner giveway
*i won the last beauty blogger contest in 4th place
and receive many beauty products that really lovely 
i don't predict to win at first,
since thousand entries that giveaway gain
i did give my best effort, but still not sure
so when i  saw my blog become one of the winners,
i really shock and  OH MY GOD ! >__<
* see the number 04 ?
that's me !
really feel the appreciation since it's blogger contest and i'm still new blogger
but can be picked to become the winner among those thousand entries
thx  cece ^__^

5.  Thailand Trip
It's really beautiful country and with many good people
that very welcome and helpful to us the tourist
I love this country so much
Some photos first before the review

*fix my bang plis ! >__<

 *with nickhun oppa
the statue is so UNREAL sadly 
when the other famous people made in really similar with the real one

But since this review can wait,
i'll do my responsiblity to upload the  4 points i mentioned first
; D

So that's all

and THE WINNER OF THE 2nd The Beauty & Pocket GIVEAWAY

after consider it  many times are

Liza Chan


Erna Wijaya




Contact me 3 x 24 hours through
i'll send you the voucher as soon as possible 
Enjoy your shopping time ladies! : D

That's all,
thx to all of you who participated
don't be sad if you don't win
there are still many giveaways that will appear soon
so make sure you stay tunned through Google Friend Connect
and maybe you wanna subscribe your email too 
find all the needed bar in the right side bar
I welcome and appreciate all of you,
so my little feedback hope can make you happy ^__^

Thx for reading,
and Swatdee-kaa
(Bye ! )
: D

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Monday, April 15, 2013

WINNER of The Beauty & Pocket 1st GIVEAWAY , PRIZE : ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher :D

Hi all,
welcome back to my blog 
"The Beauty & Pocket"
Wish you have great days ! : D

As the title of this giveaway,
I wanna announce the WINNER from my 1st GIVEAWAY
with PRIZE
ETUDE HOUSE Lovely Cookie Blusher

wanna say thanks so much for joining
and support my blog
commenting, give me many advices
i appreciate all of you
even note your advices and requests,
will try fulfil them one by one 

I'm also really happy to have more friends connection
 from many different countries
and visitors that  almost reach 6.000 people right now
(regarding that the age of my blog is still really young
just about 4 months)
It's really surprise me to be honest 
* hope the visitors can also become my friends : D
It really make me want to develop my skill
and blogging more for you

Wish i can give all of you the prize
but just have one,
and there's only 1 winner >__<
But, don't worry
i'll have another giveaway coming soon
I love giveaway,
so i do giveaways too
to share the happiness : D

So, without elongated it more
here is the winner


Dear Mitchellina Metta

You have 3 x 24 hours to confirm the winning
Email me soon your profile
(name, address, handphone, post code )

at stella

I'm really busy right now,
with my laboratory tasks
so cannot promise can shipp it very fast
but i'll do that as soon as possible
( I need time because must pack it safely first 
to prevent any accident that we don't want )

So, i'm waiting your email right now
Do contact me
and congratulation ! : D

For you that  not win this time
don't worry or sad
i'm having another GIVEAWAY coming soon
For now you can join my 2nd GIVEAWAY here

Comment at another posts too
and i open for any suggestion or advice
believe it will help me improve my blog more

With Love & Playful Spirit,
Stella Meryl
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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hello ladies,
welcome to my blog
"The Beauty & Pocket "
: D

 Tonight i'm gonna share my what to do list for 15 days from today
It will help me to keep in track about my job
remind me my responsibility 
(make yours now and share with me too ! ^o^) :

There are 5 chapters :
o Preservative 
o Packaging 
o Starter
o Angkak
o Heating-cooling

* what beauty products ?
it secret
you'll know when the review comes up : p

*there will be 5 reviews 
(for each day - since i stayed for 6 days 5 night)
we went to so many place
so will split the review each day to not make it too long

So that all my what to do list for 15 days from now
I hope can keep in track do all of them >__<
Thx so much for reading mine
share yours too
wanna know your list too : D
SUCCESS for all of us! Fighting! 

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger


Thursday, April 4, 2013

PAC Martha Tilaar - My Indonesian Brand Soulmate. LET 'S FALLING IN LOVE TOGETHER ! :D

Hello my beloved readers,
Welcome back to my blog
" The Beauty & Pocket " !
If by any chance this is your first time visit my blog, kindly visit here 
to know more about me and my blog ^__^

So, you can guess from the title of this post
 that tonight i'm gonna talking about my favourite

 Indonesian Brand



 (Professional Artist Cosmetic Martha Tilaar)


 PS : I'm really excited right now since my talk this time about a local brand from my own country
Support for local brand!  \(´▽`)/

Before i start my review,
Let me tell you about PAC 
Since i realize that my readers not only from Indonesia,
i think it's important as a start , so you will understand the story behind this brand 
Why i falling in love with this local brand so much,
among so many cosmetic brands that available in market ^__^


(Professional Artist Cosmetics Martha Tilaar)

website :
is a brand launched by Martha Tilaar group,
that has very long and amazing history in make up subject
( Martha Tilaar is Top rank in Indonesian make up brand )
PAC brand  had specially created and launched at 1997 , 
and at the first time has intention to provide make up products
for professional make up artist.
(from this fact, you can start guessing how the quality is, don't you? : D)

To fulfil its intention, 
this brand provides wide range of high quality make up products
from basic make up like foundation, until colourful eyeshadow.
From natural colours like beige and chocolate, until bold colours like purple and dark blue,
PAC provides all of them for us!
 The most important things is they're all high quality and water resistant
Just all we need available is their makeup products
What is your style?
Go now for feminine, sexy, until boyish looks with PAC
This brand will fulfil all your wish for every stunning looks! : D

moreover, PAC also concerns and realize the importance to provide beauty knowledge for society
through their Below The Line Activities, 
like Grand Seminar, Exhibition, Grand Demo,  Sponsorship, and many other great events.
(Unfortunately i not yet have chance to join their seminar or beauty class,
since still none of them held in my city T__T )

PAC also become Indonesia local brand that already go International 
through  International beauty events like Hong Kong Fashion Week , Islamic Fashion Festival in Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, 
and if you love theater, you must be also know that PAC join in  
"I La Galigo" international theater that
played in 8 big cities around the world ! : D
I'm so proud of it as Indonesian citizen TRIPLE WOW and STANDING APPLAUSE PAC!! : D

The other theater that PAC has join as official make up was Sampek Engtay Theater Koma,
 that held 13-23 March 2013 ago, 
placed at Gedung Kesenian (Art Building) Jakarta, Pasar Baru, Indonesia

find photos from this show more at:

PAC also colaborated with many famous Indonesian designer like Didiet Maulana for Ikat Indonesia, Mel Ahyar, Barli Asmara, and Cynthia Tan. 
 So in other word, PAC include in many things about beauty  ^__^

Together with this brand's ambassador,
they show us the excitement and joy in makeup.
You will find your "true self" and develop your inner and outer beauty through PAC
PAC ambassador right now is Monday Michiru, the Diva of Jazz : D

i can say, is very great brands that you must try as make up user or lovers
And if you already try it, 
i can guarantee that you also feel find your "soulmate" just like me.
(i'm still new PAC user, but falling in love since first time i tried their products : D )
If i must compare PAC with other make up brand ,
this brand stand at the same level as MAC
even though it is more affordable, even for my student's pocket #wink ;)

Now, after you understand what inside my heart,
let's move to my favourite product from PAC, shall we?
That made me fall in love with it ; D

For me,  it's not about its foundation or pact, that i cannot live without it
it's all about

" PAC Powder Eye Shadow "

I really love this,
this is  SUPERRRR GOOD ! : D

What PAC say about this product :

Am i agree with that?
This really makes make eyes glowing  \(´▽`)/
Check more my review photos to see it by your self
it's also cruelty free, no animal testing
i'm not include in any program, but i realize that we as human with more power must protect them
since they cannot stand and fight for them self right ?
so using cruelty free products really make me kinda happy
since at least i can give my little support ^__^

Why do i think this is very very essential
----must have item in our make up bag ---- ?
Because, the key point to create brilliant looks is all in the eyes area,
we can move from Sexy, Casual, to Glamourous look with just changing the look in the eyes
Play with the colours of our eyeshadows,
Mix and match them to give more definition,
until playing with the shape of our eyeliner.
All  the best make up key point just about eyes
And this powder eyeshadow is just really good to make many looks
What else that you want ?
try it and you will realize it your self   : D

My favourite one is the colour no. 10 
PAC doesn't describe what colour is it,
so let me named it
( i appreciate it so much, wanna give this little award by named it (´▿`ʃƪ) hihi )
I give this princess name,,

" Aphrodite from Bali "

That name inspired by the turquoise colour it has,
that remind me of the colour of sea water that i met when visited Bali
The blue colour that cool, sexy, and mysterious at same time
Why Bali ?
cause the chess design packaging, remind me of Bali
and also it's Indonesia local product,
so i choose this beautiful tropical island that really popular in the world
(maybe you - my readers- even already visit it ,
any of you ?
tell me your experience if you have ^o^ )

 note : the photos are not mine, it's from google.
btw, snorkling is so fun, 
i tried it 3 years ago when went to Bali as farewel party from my senior high school, 
the view was very good, similar like this picture. 
You must try it if you plan to go to Bali, put this in your what-to-do list ! :D
( and don't forget to bring your waterproof camera or you will be dissapointed later like me >.<)

Okay back to the name *forgive me oot hahaha
While for the Aphrodite name,
i choose it since it's symbol of beauty
This cute baby worthed to get that name darling
it can works like magic to give me stunning look
with just this cute one, or combine it with other eyeshadow

Here is the ingredients
The last line in english : contain Oxybenzone 
what is that
 - since PAC give special last line for it -?

I'm kinda curious so i do some research
and this is the information from wikipedia that i got :
Oxybenzone (trade names Eusolex 4360, Escalol 567, KAHSCREEN BZ-3) is an organic compound used in sunscreens
It forms colorless crystals that are readily soluble in most organic solvents.
It is used as an ingredient in sunscreen and other cosmetics because it absorbs UVB and short-wave UVA (ultraviolet) rays.
Oxybenzone was one of the first compounds incorporated into sunscreen formulations to offer enhanced UVA protection.

It's actually a very cool ingredients! WOW !!
( i also notice it just now, while making this post )
more UVA UVB protection means more barrier that protect our skin
love this ingredient so much, 
making me more love this powder eyeshadow #HUGPAC

Now, let's head to the packaging itself  : D


The packaging come in jar made from plastic
it's not thin and cheap look alike plastic,
but  hard and thick jar that guarantee can protect the inside
You need to twist the cap to open it

Inside, there are plastic barrier which has 3 pores (place for the powder to come out)
that sealed with plastic
it's guarantee us the product's integrity - love this detail,
and for the pores it help us not to take too many
since we really only need a little

After the packaging,
let's now head to the main point about this "Aphrodite",
the colour & ability : D

Swatch at my hand

As you can see,
this "Aphrodite "  has very georgeous turquoise colour
I only brush it 1 time and in very little amount to make that swatch
The real colour is like the photo without flash
but it has shimmer like how it looks when i shooted it with flash

Another good thing about this powder eyeshadow are like what i said before
If you're my regular readers,
you must be know how busy i am that i usually outside until evening
And i happy to tell you that although i sweat a lot 
(since my city is really really hot especially nowadays >__<)
my eye make up still in very good condition,
just no big difference with when i leave home in the morning \(´▽`)/
How crazy is that?
Yes, i do use base first before apply
but eventhough i use base first, 
any other eyeshadow that i use never has this amazing performance ever
 So, this powder eyeshadow basically  has really good ability

Inside the packaging,
there is a paper that include product description
like this

What written on the paper

The description written in Indonesia language,
but you can see that it explain about how to use their make up products
include eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick/lip colour, etc.
let me translate the eyeshadow , eyeliner, and mascara parts for you
since we're talking about eye makeup right now ; D

*Eye Shadow
Apply on your eyelid and blend with brush.
Mix 2 or 3 colours, and use the light colour as highlight

*Eye liner
Apply at the edge of your top and bottom eyelid,
where your eyelashes naturally take place

Apply at top and bottom eyelashes.
To prevent any clump, apply it with zig-zag movement

So, that paper basically explain basic tips to use your PAC beauty products
It's a nice detail from PAC i think
since for someone that really beginner,
it will be really useful tips ^o^

What i like :
*PIGMENTED >> it's critical point i think to say a good eyeshadow or not
* Water resistant >> very needed, especially if you live in tropical country like me
* Smudgeproof
* Long Lasting
* Oxybenzone contain 
* Cool design and hygienic packaging >> love the plastic barrier and seal detail
* The description paper inside the packaging
(since i love details, i appreciate this so much  ; ) )

What i don't like :
*a little bit pricey for my student pocket
(about 80.000 rupiah / US $8 for a pack
but actually it still worthed cause it will last forever to finished 
since only need very little amount everytime,
and no touch up)

Ratings :
*Overall : 9/10
*Colour and pigmentation : 10/10
(If you want to see any other colour, visit the website i write before )
* Packaging : 10/10
(best suitable packaging for powder)
* Recommended to buy?
YES! This product has all what we need from an eyeshadow


(although i'm joining  this competition as beauty blogger,
i really want to share the look and some makeup tips - based on my experience)

Sorry i don't notice my fake eyelash a little bit not stick at the tip . notice after want to make this post, and i don't have any other photo that show the colour on my eyelid >__<

 1. PIXY Colors of delight Eyeshadow #Sorrel Brown 02 (for pink colour)

2. PAC Powder Eyeshadow in no 10 

3. PIXY Colors of Delight Eyeshadow #Love Pink 01 (for dark purple colour)

4. REVLON Colorstay #560 Serene Serenite(for light beige colour)

5. Angle brush

6. e.l.f. shimmer pencil #black bandit (for eyeliner)

7. ETUDE HOUSE Proof 10 Mascara

 Left to right :

I also use base for this make up

SARIAYU Gloss Gel from Sentrajava The Colors of ASIA series

It' s a very lovely gel that can be used in 2 ways
* for base / primer to give more moisturizing
* for finishing to give glowing finish
with sweet smell that i really love so much ! welcome to delicious smell world !  \(´▽`)/
will review about this more at another post ^o^ v
pssttt : it's also worthed product to buy
follow and subscribe so you will be notified when i upload new post about this ; D

Next, i wanna share some makeup tips for you
it's basic tips about eye makeup,
so i dedicate it more to new make up user like me
all based on my experience ^___^


*Use base first  : it's to have long lasting effect
(i love using transparant so there is no effect to the colour of our eyeshadow)

* Brush : using brush will help have smoother result


a.Angle brush
Angle brush will help us make "almond-shape" look
(almond shape is the natural shape of our eyelid ,
if we want to make beautiful look,
we naturally follow the almond line )

b. Blending brush

Use it to blend our eyeshadows if we use more than 1 colours
so, there is no harsh line
Everytime you move from 1 colour to another colour,
clean your brush first with tissue
so your eyeshadow colour with stay still
and not blend all overand become messy

* If you want to mix 2 or 3 colours
the key is to mix
for 2 colours : combine dark-medium / medium-light
for 3 colours : combine dark-medium-light
(Apply the darker colour at the outer part of eyelid)
If you use that method,
you can have "blend" effect
even the colour actually really different

* in case you confused the colours you pick
will they match or not,
try to swatch them first side by side on your hand
so you will not hurt your eyelid because need erase it some times
(cause trial and error)
it will help prevent bad mood too in my case : p


* if you don't like liquid liner like me, try using cream eyeliner
it has very good ability too, but easier to apply

* in case you're run out of eyeliner and don't have time to buy one
don't be panic,
take your brush, and dip it a little in water
after that, take your eyeshadow that has similar colour with your eyeliner,
and take some of it using the wet brush
it will work like an eyeliner ladies !
the principle is similar like watercolor in painting : D

If black give you more "sharp eyes" look,
for everyday wear,
try using dark brown one
it will give same effect but with warmer feeling


It's very recommended,
 since we don't know what will happen in a day
sweat because of hot water,
crying because of surprise , or anything
we just don't want our mascara fade
and we end up with messy panda eyes >___<

confused which one will you pick,
the one that can lengthen or the one that can give more volume?

if you have short eyelashes like me >> pick LONG one
(because it's most important to make our eyelashes a little bit stand out
if you want VOLUME, must mix it with LONG one
or the result cannot be good and stand out )

if you already have long eyelashes >> pick VOLUME one
( since you're eyelashes actually already stand out, 
you just need more definition )

Natural look : use black one
Warm ladies look : use dark brown one
Cool ladies look : use blue one
Party look : use gold one
(if you just want a little sparkling, only put at the bottom eyelashes,
but if you want all bling-bling, put both eyelashes)

o Top eyelashes : zig-zag movement is the best
o Bottom eyelashes : hold the mascara vertically,
and put it in your eyelashes one by one in vertical movement
(it will give natural result, and prevent clumping
it's easier than use zig-zag movement for bottom eyelashes  )


* Shape your eyebrow
very important,
if you not shape it, the hair that grows in your eyelid will bother you while applying eyeshadow
it makes yor eyeshadow harder to stick to your eyelid
 It also will give you more clear, and good look if your eyebrow is neat

To shape your eyebrow is depend on your preference actually
but for me, since i'm korean maniac,
i love to make my eyebrow as flat as possible like korean ladies
(even though it still hard, since my eyebrow not naturally grow like that )
i love to make it like that since i think it gives cute and smart effect hihi >__<
What about you ?
you can googling to search some references
search actress that has similar eye and face shape like yours
 Don't use actress that has very different eye and face shape as reference
since that factor also give influence in what shape of eyebrow will match you

Instead of black,
use dark brown one
Since black will usually give "too thick " effect and looks unnatural

that tips about eyebrow is the last thing i wanna share tonight
Hope you enjoy and they become useful tips for you : D
Thanks for visitting and reading
 Have lovely days!
Have Lovely Spring season ( for all of you that are waiting it) !
Annyeonghaseyo !
See you in next post

 Warm Regards,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger

Claim : although i make this post for joining PAC Make Up contest, all the content is my honest opinion.So you can trust me, and enjoy reading it ! Thanks darling : D