Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautytreats INA, my first beautybox in my life! : D

Hi everyone, my firends, my girls, my ladies, my woman,

Today i want to share that
 I’M WAITING FOR MY FIRST BEAUTYBOX from Beautytreats Indonesia! Yay!\(´▽`)/

I already tell you about what is beautybox actually, 
but in case this is your first time visit my blog ( means you don't read that) i will write it again here ^__^

What is a beauty box? 
 Beauty Box is a box that have many beauty products inside , 5-8 products ( can be sample or full size)
It's not usual beauty products, since a professional will select the top hits beauty products especially for you.
They select them based on your skin type, hair type, etc.
So they personally fill the box with high quality beauty products, that will match with your character.
That's why at the first time you will be asked to input data that will inform them your face skin, your hair type, your eye colour, something like that
I also fill that information when first registered to beautytreats ina : D

With monthly register (yes, it's monthly, one box / month, you can select register for 1 month, 3, 6, 9, or12 months)
to company that provide beautybox, you will no need anymore to search everywhere, waste your time to look for beauty products that will match your character,
since the profesional will do that job or you !
Use your time to spoil your self with the beauty products they send to you
how great is that? \(´▽`)/

And moreover, products's value that include in a beautybox
supposed to be more expensive than what you pay
so if you pay 95000 rupiah
( i use the cost for registering at beautytreats INA as reference, since i’m already register there. Realize how cheap is that? Hihi : p )
, than you will get beauty products that value more than 95 000 rupiah
So 3 WORDS to describe it are
Don't you think you will love it? v ^__^ v

I personally choose to subscribe for BeautyTreats Ina, first beautybox available in Indonesia 
and recommend it for you!

You must be asking me right now, why do i recommend this?
First, my reason to register beautybox is what i already describe above.
All what you need in a box that send to you door, how crazy is that?
Next, guess who is beautytreats ina’s founder? It’s the artist Rebecca Rejiman ladies!
As you already know how stylist and dazzling she is among the famous people we know
Her taste in fashion and makeup is no doubt so good that you just want to be like her
Check out some of my fav photos of her : D

  You can see only from that 4 pictures, 
that Rebecca Rejiman is amazing as a woman( #envy hahaha)

In other word, i trust her full to provide me the beautybox
 as i already know her taste and expert skill in fashion and makeup subject
I believe she and beautytreats INA will use my profile information in the best way to give me great and dazzling beauty box !
Master always know how to share the best only ! : D

As another information to help you get my intention,
this is what they write in their website about their special beautybox

"BeautyTreats has as objective to provide the latest, trendiest and best luxurious, high-end and cult beauty products from around the world to your doorstep. 
We know how to Treat women and how to spoil them. With this amazing concept, which has boomed the last year in Europe and the United States, we are confident that the Indonesian women will enjoy our BeautyTreats boxes.
Our BeautyTreats concept is a platform where subscribers pay an affordable monthly fee, for which they will receive a beautiful, stylish and elegant box containing a mix of curated sample/ travel size beauty treats matching their beautyprofile and preferences.
Its an amazingly fun concept for all women throughout whole Indonesia. We will surprise you each and every month with a box that changes theme and we will promise you the newest, trendiest and best Beauty Treats a woman can wish for at a reasonable price!!
You want it? Just get it! Test and review it"

Yes, i want it! I already get mine for their first beautybox that will ready to send very soon!
And moreover, as i’m an indonesian beauty blogger,
I happily tell you ladies,
That i’ll share and review what inside the first beautybox with you as soon as i receive it !
Feel the joy with me very soon, okay? \(´▽`)/
So you will really realize and understand why i really suggest you to subscribe to their second box right now
( since i know you will go crazy if their second box already sold out before you know it !
Since their first box sold out very fast >.<)

Moreover it’s cheap just 95.000 rupiah or about US $10
( if you’re foreigner who live at indonesia)
So, give it try right now, and get your first box arrive at your house next month
Why need to worry search for beauty products, while you can have “professional assistant” to help you ?
Go grab one right now ladies at www., and share the joy together with me : D

With Love,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian beauty Blogger

Saturday, March 9, 2013

REVIEW : E.L.F Luscious Liquid Lipstick #Pink Lemonade & E.L.F Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil #Black Bandit

Hi ! welcome to my blog
"The Beauty& Pocket"
My blog's name idea come based on my personality.
I will only buy and recommend products that is worthed to buy ( from result, function, and price).
I will always give my honest review n ratings in every post. 
So you can trust me : D
My deepest hope is that every post that i made can be helpfull for readers even if it just a little bit
To help you make sure you don't waste your money for any product that is BIG NO^^ 

So, today i'm gonna make review about two beautiful products from e.l.f
I got this from
feat with   Twenty Seven Shop ( )
 last giveaway
( additional info : Twenty Seven Shop sells many famous beauty products that hardly find in Indonesia like Coastal Scent, e.l.f., Sephora, Ulta , etc.
Hope now you know where to buy them : D)
*thanks cheryl and twenty seven shop for holding this giveaway ! : D
 Actually it suppose to be arrive at home some days ago, 
but unfortunately the person from TIKI who send the package don't meet any person
so he just leave note, to take the package by my self at TIKI office
I don't like this kind of TIKI system to be honest, so prefer send package by JNE
since JNE at least text or call the person who will receive the package, not only leave a note like that.
TIKI sometime ago leave me note also and it got wet by rain and almost cannot be read  -__-"

So, back to the main topic *forgive me for out of topic hehe >.<

 first, take a look at the RESULT , jjan!

i use ETUDE Precious Mineral Bright Fit bbcream SPF30 PA++ #W13, ETUDE Proof 10 Mascara, Base Eyeshadow, ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick #Pink Lemonade & ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil #Bandit

It's so simple makeup i made that day,
no fake eyelashes, and no eyeshadow
so the main two products i want to share today can stand out hopefully ^__^
to create that look, i just apply bbcream, tight lining my top and bottom lash line with the shimmer pencil, add mascara,
and finish the look with liquid lipstick
just 5 minutes and we're finished ! \(´▽`)/ 

Okay now let's get along with these two little princess more darling ; D

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick  & ELF Shimmer Pencil

As you can see at the picture above, the packaging are very simple,
both come inside carton box and cover with hard plastic

The ELF Shimmer Pencil # Black Bandit

 It's so cheap worthed product just $1 dear! 
but, don't underestimate it first 
check my review below before make your judgement  : D
Mine come in Black Bandit colour
it's a black shimmer pencil
similar to NYX Black Bean colour

 you can see the shimmer that comes out from the swatch
the colour that appear with flash, is more similar to the real colour that will look in your eyes

The cap include sharpener that really useful
i tried to sharpen the pencil with it, and since the angle is good,
the result really sharp, and just perfect to line my eyes !
you don't need to search for any other sharpener darling
i tried use other, and the result cannot be as good as what attached on the cap
so, just use it if you buy it later

What e. l. f say about  this cute bandit princess

I do agree with that two points
check by yourself how stunning my eyes looks like with this pencil 
note : i just use the shimmer pencil plus mascara
that's all , and i love the korean look from the result

Unfortunately, although i use base first,
it do still crease a little bit
i photo this after about  3 hours since applied

so, in the next use, i prefer use my ETUDE Drawing Show Eyeliner first and use this e.l.f on top of it 
to give shimmer finish : D

What i like :
* very nice colour, shimmering, and make my eyes looks stunning
* the sharpener on the cap >> SO GREAT!!
* size is convenience for travelling
* easy to use, and smooth result
* cheap

What i don't like :
* easy to crease and not long lasting
( if you plan to use it alone as eyeliner, don't forget to bring it in your make up pouch,
 since you will need to touch up )

Ratings time:
* colour : 10/10
* smudgeproof and long lasting : 5/10
*coverage : 7/10
* Is it recommended to buy?
Compare to the point that i don't like from this pencil, it's still nice product to place inside your beauty pouch.
My tip is not use it alone, but just as finishing to give shimmering black style on your eyeliner ;)

Now, let's move to the second princess, shall we ?

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick #Pink Lemonade

the price is also only $1
(Oh My God, it's so cheap for a popular brand don't you think?? i'm gonna crazy cause of this XD)

As you can see at the picture above, mine is Pink Lemonade
It looks red, but  in fact it's a very soft pink colour

it will come out from the brush like this

At first time, you need to twist about 5-8 times to make it out
but after that, you just need to twist 2-4 times.
don't twist too many times,
if it's still not out from the tube after twist 2-3 times, just wait a little bit
since it takes some time for the liquid lipstick to flow to the brush
i once twist to many time and it came too many at the brush 

What e. l. f say about  this pinky princess

 Am i agree with that?
Yes, it's great liquid lipstick darling , you will love it too after finished reading my review ^__^

First take a look at the swatch on my hand ,
a very soft pink colour

Swatch at my lips
( applied 3-4 layers)
with this liquid lipstick (or must i say ligloss?)
our lips will  look pinkish naturally like that
my lips originally has pink colour so it looks not really big difference for me
i love the result personally,
because it really make me look like don't use anything,
 but in fact the natural pinkish look actually come out from this cute princess : p

It's moisturize enough, that i don't need additional lipbalm before use it
Plus point of this liquid lipstick is it also doesn't sticky!
it's type that will absorb quickly to our lips and make us feel doesn't use anything at all

The main point that really really make me love this is
it has a refreshing chocolate mint aroma ! yay, yummy smell world again!
and moreover it gives cool sensation
since i'm an aroma lover, i love this little detail so much : D
but for you that don't like any smell
once again, like other lipgloss/ lipblam that has smell, it also dissapear quick enough
so no need to worry about it
(although i will love it if it last forever until  i erase it
any products recommend that has strong long lasting aroma ? >.<)

What i like :
* moisturizing my lips well
* size that is so suitable even for travelling
* aplicator that is convenience, just rotate to make some out
* choco mint and cooling sensation !
* cap on top of it to make sure it's hygienity
(the cap is good, not easy one to come off by itself)

what i don't like:
* light coverage, need to apply many layers

So, ratings time
* colour :  10 /10
* coverage : 5/10
* moisturize 8/10 ( no need for additional lipbalm)
* smell : 10/10 (smell maniac, plus point for the cooling sensation!)
* is it recommended to buy?
Yes! I love this so much
Wanna see other colour review?
: D

Oh my God,
i never know about this brand if it's not from cheryl blog *thx again dear muach #HUG
honestly usually i always think that beauty products that is too cheap will be just a waste
since we cannot guarantee what we will get like the ingredients, the function etc
and moreover if you see it online where you don't know how is the real product

that's why usually i use ETUDE, Holika, Maybeline, Martha Tilaar (Indonesian local brand),etc
since they are already famous, guarantee high quality beauty products
but still affordable for my student's pocket

but for e.l.f one,
i definitely falling in love with this brand readers, i will try another products from this brand
this is so cheap but has some quality,
i interest to try another colour of shimmer pencil ( there are some various colour that stunning like plum, tosca, etc)
and other colour of lipgloss
(maybe from this series maybe from other series since e.l.f provide some range of lipgloss series )

So, from this today review myself also learn not to judge a beauty products only from the price
will not just put them aside,
 but will try it first before make judgement
( but, of course will just try one that already has some name
since i will not danger my skin with an unknown brand )
forgive my self (˘ʃƪ˘)

So, that's all from today review
i will come back as soon as possible for another hot items
 honestly i already has several products for you to see
all that's my favourite ( from ETUDE, The Faceshop, Revlon, etc)
and also culinary review ( Sour Sally - it's my favourite yogurt brand)
plus my current Thailand trip yay! \(´▽`)/

i'm editing them right now,
so be patient for the coming soon review dear
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to support develop this blog and make sure you stay tunned

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end 15 April 2013 ^__^
Give me your feed back or suggestion by comment or send me email at
thx for reading, love you all!

 Warm Regard ,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger


Thursday, March 7, 2013

GlamGirl, Glam up your day ! :D

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Beauty & Pocket SPONSORSHIP

Welcome to "The Beauty & Pocket" Sponsorship Section : D

First, i want to say thanks for showing interest to become this blog sponsor
I hope we can have great cooperation later 
To find out more about me, check the About section ^^

So, let's now heading to the main topic
To become "The Beauty & Pocket" Sponsor there are 2 types of cooperation that you can choose 

a. Products Sponsor 

Become my product sponsor by send me your products to review 
You can choose the time for sponsoring :
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Your banner wil be visible in my side bar after we make agreement and the first package arrive at my house
the banner size will be different depend on time period and our agreement
i'm an open minded person, so please go all the way tell me what you need and want
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: D

b. Advertising Banner

There are 3 types of banner that you can choose
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 Warm Regard,
Stella Meryl
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

ETUDE Lovely Cookie Blusher INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY 2013 - The Beauty & Pocket 1st Giveaway, enjoy! :D

Hi ! welcome to my blog
"The Beauty& Pocket"
My blog's name idea come based on my personality.
I will only buy and recommend products that is worthed to buy ( from result, function, and price).
I will always give my honest review n ratings in every post. 
So you can trust me : D
My deepest hope is that every post that i made can be helpfull for readers even if it just a little bit
To help you make sure you don't waste your money for any product that is BIG NO^^ 

So today i want to share about my first giveaway!
I really want to do this so much but don't know what to pick as the prize
after think about it, i choose one of my favourite make up from ETUDE HOUSE
ETUDE LOVELY COOKIE BLUSHER shade #4.Carrot Cheesecake

This is my favourite orange blusher
the colour is very good, and also include lovely soft ribbon puff inside it, as what you can see at the picture
so you don't need to search for brush if you don't have one.
so simple and convenience! : D
I plan to make review about it too, so you can see how lovely it is
I choose the shade number 4, since it's the colour that i use too, and believe that almost everyone already has pink blusher
so instead of pink, choose this one for a different feeling
try to use orange blusher girls,
  it will give you cheerful fresh look! ^^

This giveaway end in  15 April 2013 and an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY
I do appreciate my International followers and fans 
so that's why i open the chance to win this lovely blusher fo you all :D
(shipping with Indonesian Post for international, 
since it have cooperation worldwide and cost more cheaper )
But, sorry for international the shipping cost must be payed by the winner or we can share the shipping cost
i don't have budget for too expensive shipping international since i'm still student
and already spend much enough for this blusher
so hope you don't mind it
Hope in the next giveaway, i can already have more budget
 : D

Here are the rules of this giveaway, very simple dear :


* Join The Beauty & Pocket site by GFC (publicy)
* like The Beauty & Pocket fb : 
* Join with giveaway tab (you can find at  fb page, must with this or you cannot join)
* Follow my twitter : @stellameryl
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( you can tweet everyday for more entries, but not same friends)
* click Google+1 button
* leave a comment why you want this
* put banner in your side bar ( for blogger) and link it to this giveaway


* special attention for video maker, Title The Beauty & Pocket INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY March 2013 (and link it to this blog post)

I will check the entries so make sure too you fulfil the mandatory entries
and must respond maximum 7 days after the winner announcement
or another winner will be choosen

note : please don't do something like unfollowing after the giveaway end, or you will get banned to enter another giveaway in the future, so it will fair for the other followers :)

I decide to use giveaway tab, since it looks like many people like the prize so it will be easier
and it means i appericate all of the entries
PS : There is surprise prize for the best enty
so make sure you catch my attention,
 it for you that cannot win this so you can enjoy this giveaway too  : D

I cannot promise reply all of your comment,tweets,etc but i appreciate all of them
That's all,
 thanks for visit and join !

Warm Regards,
Stella Meryl
Indonesian Beauty Blogger