Monday, December 19, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Christmas 2016 Event on Facebook

Annyeonghaseyo lovelies <3

I am joining ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird selection/recruitment. Wish me get trusted by ETUDE. God, really want to be a Pink Bird, it will be like dream come true ☆☆ Btw i have this idea, let me know what you think about it : 

If i were selected as Pink Bird 2017, i will review all items first on blog. Then after review, one item from each month will be send to one lucky girl. This item need to be tested out and give review by this lovelies too (can be on blog or sns). I just want to share the happiness with you gais. Because sharing is caring, i hope this will let you experience the Pink Bird excitement :D <3 

Last night i had a very wonderful early Christmas Dinner with my bestfriend from high school. We have been friends for 9 years and counting ;)

Love all the santa and angel hats . Have i ever told you, my name Meryl is taken from Merry Christmas, because i was born on December. So parents hope for the christmas happiness always live everyday in my life. Thats why i love christmas just a little too much ♡

Back to the topic, in today post i wanna share about the current 7 DAYS CHRISTMAS EVENT held by ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL facebook: 

Basically they held a quiz everyday till christmas, then if we answer right and get lucky, we will receive special christmas gift from Etude House. How cool is that? Lets all join and celebrate christmas with happiness. Finger cross, so ETUDE be our secret santa! #xoxo

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket

Saturday, December 17, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE PLAY 101 Stick Colour Contour Duo

Hello princess!  <3 <3

How are you ladies? 

Christmas is coming to town and i am totally excited for christmas. Last night i had a potluck with friends to early celebrate christmas (= potluck means hang out and meet up in a place, in which every person bring random food to eat together with others. So yeah, FOOD PARTY!)

This is my make up last night ♡

I am using my favourite lipstick for the red christmas spirit. ETUDE Play 101 Pencil in shade #22
Read my review here

Okay back to the topic. This christmas 2016 ETUDE HOUSE launch a very special countouring stick which is the Play 101 Stick Colour Contour Duo. The idea is correcting the skin tone and blemish, using the opposite colour to neutralize skin tone

Check it out
PONN Eonni is introducing this product. SUPER LOVE IT!

There are 3 sticks, each with 2 different colours to serve different purpose


2. MINT and BLUE


How we should use them by PONY MUA

I once read article about correction makeup using opposite colour like this. It is the secret of the professional MUA to create the flawless makeup. Because lets admit it, there is no one 100% flawless. Some people get reddish cheek, some dealing with panda eyes, etc. For me i need the peach orange and mint 

A little bit pre caution is if you were not similar with contouring and blending, i suggest to train about it first. Because ordinary contouring can become weird if go wrong, this kind of colour correction will need us to train more. If you excel in it, the flawless bling bling face will be yours <3

I hope this ETUDE HOUSE product will make me satisfied as usual. If i see the video which PONY made, the product glides easily when applied and the blending also smooth (WHICH IS IMPORTANT PART for countouring. You dont want a cakey, but instead a smooth and like-your-own-skin finish)

Okay last but not least, check this PONY guide video. See you on next post

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket

Thursday, December 8, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE CC Cream in Silky : 8 in 1 Multi Function

Hello besties 😘😘
As recent posts theme is my daily makeup product, today i am going to review my other favourite stuff which is ETUDE HOUSE CC (Correct and Care) cream in Silky. I got this from a friend as a birthday gift last 2 december 2015, and have been using it everyday. She knows i use ETUDE and have been eyeing this product. Thank you Felita ♡

ETUDE HOUSE describe it has 8 in 1 Multi function benefits:

This multitasking, 8-in-1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats, and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion, inside and outside.
It glides on with a silky smooth finish "

There are 2 types of this CC cream: Silky and Glow
Yes you can gues from its name, silky give you a silky finish and glow will leave you with glowing finish. I would recommend silky if you have combination skin - like me - or oily skin. And if you have dry skin you may prefer glow type for radiant complexion

This CC cream is already has SPF 30/PA ++, so no need for additional sunblock (convenience right? i dont like using layers of makeup :p )

Let me share you a little information about SPF and PA

*SPF is Sun Protection Factor, which define the ability to block harmful sun's UVB rays. UVB rays cause sun burn and skin cancer. 
If your skin usually get burn in 10 minutes, applying SPF 30 will leave you 30 times longer in outdoor before you get sunburn (10 minutes x 30 = 300 minutes)

*PA define the ability to protect us from harmful UVA rays which cause premature skin aging. The level is defined from + (least) to +++ (strong). So this ETUDE HOUSE CC cream with ++ provide middle or moderate protection

Note that we should apply sunscreen/sunblock everyday even on rainy or cloudy days. Because UVA and UVB from sun can still penetrate through cloud. 


OK so let's now check The Beauty and Pocket personal review ♡

* The packaging is plastic tube with pump. It is light weight, and the pump make it safe from accidental squeeze. So dont worry to put it in soft makeup pouch.
It has white colour, with ETUDE symbol on top of it. So cute 😍

*It kinda looks flat on the photo because use it for 1 year already, but actually there is still much product inside. Only need little amount, so i believe this will still last for 1 month

*Colour is white when first get out of the tube, and will turn to beige after blending. Thats why at first dont worry if you feel it is too white for your skin tone. It will adjust and leave you with brighter and radiant skin without looking too pale

Left: before blending, Right: After blending

*Texture is liquid and light. It doesnt feel sticky at all, even for me who live in humid and tropical country Indonesia. Thats why i love and use it everyday

*The coverage is light. It is lighter than ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion. I believe since the point is correct and care so it works more to unjust the face colour complexion. However for me thats more than enough. I often just use this cc cream without any other product

*In days when i want more complete makeup, more coverage, i will combine it with ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion and ETUDE HOUSE Concealer

*Here are photo comparison of bare face, only cc cream, and cc cream + any cushion + concealer

Bare face: reddish cheek, uneven skin tone

Only ETUDE CC Cream in Silky
(Less red cheek, brighter and more even skin tone)

ETUDE CC Cream + Any Cushion + Concealer (complete makeup. Flawless skin, more brighter and even skin tone, more coverage)

*My face is combination (only oily at t-zone)
Light physical activites since my job is marketing
Work in air conditioner room

* With that condition above, after 5 hours, usually the T zone is oily (need retouch), while other part is totaly save. If i use powder after cc cream, it will be 7 hours before need retouch

*Since this is gift, i dont know the price
But online shop sell about 150.000 - 160.000
(Usd 10.7 - 11.4)
*I will say it is affordable since it last more than 1 year even for everyday using

REPURCHASING: Yes or No (i have been eyeing some new ETUDE product launch recently, but this baby works good so maybe i still repurchase)

Are u interested to try this baby? 
Till the next post 

Stella Meryl
The Beauty and Pocket